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Training and Certification in the Fitness Industry: We Can and Should Do Better [July 2014]

4th Annual Fitness Industry Personal Trainer Summit

Thursday, October 23, 2014
2:00PM - 4:00PM
Room: Lakeside, Level 2, E253A
Session Number: WITS
Session Type: General Conference Session
Tracks: Personal & Business Development

Change is coming to the Personal Training industry. Certification requirements vary wildly and consumers and gym owners alike are having trouble knowing how to choose a qualified trainer. In this session we'll explore the development of certification standards, establish 5 regions and committees for discussion and research and open the doors wide for industry conversation around this hot button issue.

  • Keynote - EMT's path to industry acceptance:  How can our industry apply those lessons?
  • Update on the new IACET CEU approved providers and the CPT's universal acceptance – June Chewning, Fitness Learning Systems
  • Expert panel discussions of industry hot topics noted here.
    • David L. Herbert, Esquire will make the following presentations:
      "D.C. Determines To Regulate Personal Trainers" and
      "ANSI Directs the Withdrawal of NSF Standard for Health/Fitness Facilities as an American National Standard"
  • Meet the 5 regions 15 board officers.  The group is made up of trainers, employers and education groups. 
  • Committee task review for 2015
  • Naming of our industry association
  • Closing remarks 

Educational Credits: 2 CECS

Renewals and CEU’s - Change Comes from You!

June 29, 2012


Jay Del Vecchio,
President & CEO

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